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Opana ER 20mg

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Buy Opana ER 20 mg

Opana is an effective and widely prescribed opioid medication. People buy Opana online to treat severe ongoing pain as it belongs to the long-acting opioid analgesics family of pain medications. 

Opana works on the brain sensations and changes how your body feels and responds to pain. Opana and Opana ER are also available in generic versions with oxymorphone and oxymorphone hydrochloride extended-release, respectively. 

Opana ER, the extended-release form, is not formulated to relieve moderate or mild pain that can disappear within a couple of days. It is not for around-the-clock pain management, and you should not take this version on an as-needed basis for pain. 

The pain may occur suddenly if you do not have this drug. You may order Opana overnight from our online pharmacy. We assure speedy delivery with the help of the best shipping agencies, that too, at a pocket-friendly price. 

Opana ER dosage

The usual adult dosage of Opana ER for treatment of chronic pain in patients taking this drug as the first opioid analgesic or for those who have not built opioid tolerance yet is 5 mg orally every 12 hours. 

Occasionally, your medical healthcare provider may increase your dosage from Opana ER 5 mg to ensure that you get the required relief from pain. If you have built enough tolerance for opioids, you can even buy Opana ER 20 mg online for severe pain management.

Due to the risks of abuse, misuse, and dependence, even at prescribed doses, you should take this drug precisely as per your doctor’s instructions. Also, it would help if you stopped taking all the other around-the-clock medications for pain management while taking Opana ER. 

You should never stop taking Opana ER suddenly, especially if you take this drug in high doses for a prolonged time, or it can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Also, store it in a safe place because one accidental or improper dose of Opana ER can lead to death.

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