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How to place an order?

It’s too easy to order medication from our website. You just need to follow the below steps, and we will deliver your medicines at your doorsteps:

1: Firstly, look for the medication you need to order.

2: Now, click on the “Add to Cart” button to proceed further.

3: For adding more medicine to your cart, repeat steps 1 and 2.

4: Now, you can opt to create your account or proceed without it.

5: Go to the payment gateway and complete your order.

We will send you a confirmation text or e-mail for your order once your order is successfully placed with us. You will receive timely e-mails or texts about the details of your order. 

How will the order be delivered?

We employ the best delivery services for your orders. Your medicines will be delivered within 3-7 business days. We always make sure that your medicines reach you on time, so we also offer the facility of one-night delivery. We provide medication to each and every part of the country.

If you want more details regarding the delivery time or services, contact our customer service executives.

Can the delivery address be changed after the order has been placed?

For sure. You can change your delivery address even after placing the order with us. You just need to check the status of your package before changing the delivery address. If we ship the package, we will not be able to deliver it to another address. However, your order is still in our manufacturing or packaging unit, you can easily change its delivery address, and we will deliver your package at the destination you want.

Can I cancel the order after the payment has been made?

You can cancel the order after paying for it. We will give you a refund for the order amount. You just need to cancel the order while it’s in the manufacturing or packaging phase. Once the order is out for delivery, we will not be able to cancel it for you.

How can I cancel my order if I do not pay yet?

It is simple and easy to cancel your order if you have not made a payment yet. Just drop an e-mail consisting of your order details to cancel your order.

You can also choose to cancel the order by placing a call at our customer service center. Please give your order details to our executives and mention the reason for canceling your order.

How to know the current status of the order?

Once you create an account with us for placing your order, we will allow you a unique ID and password. You just need to login to our website using that ID and password to know the details regarding your current and previous orders.

We will keep you notified about the current status of your order. At any time, if you need to know the status, login-in to our website and get the complete details about it.

How do I get to know if the order has been dispatched?

Once the order is packed, we will notify you through e-mail. You will get a mail when we dispatch your order.

Additionally, you can also know about the dispatched or shipping of your package by logging in to our website using your ID and password.

Can I opt for cash on delivery (COD) payment method?

For some areas, we don’t offer the option of cash on delivery services. You can still buy your medicines as we offer several other and easy methods of payment.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

The privacy of our customers is very important for us. Whatever information you share while placing an order is safe with us. We never share or sell your private data or information with any third party.

Your order and personal information such as name, email, phone number, address, etc. are kept in a secured database, and all of these data are accessible only by authorized persons of our company.

What sort of packaging is used for the medicines?

We use bubble wraps and thick packing papers for your medicines to keep them safe from the outside environment. The thick paper also protects the confidentiality of your medications.